The Passion Food - Only for real food lovers

It's never easy to find the right words to sum up in a few words the story of a project and the people who make it up; not because I do not know how to tell you, expose or explain, but because it is often difficult to convey the enthusiasm, commitment, perseverance with which it is confronted daily with the challenge of creating something important and in which you truly believe. About us then? We are friends with a common passion: food and wine.Determined to live it and to share it, we create "ThePassionFood", whose headquarters is nestled in the hills of Monferrato, where we grew up enjoying all the goodness and living every color and scent of its exceptional landscape. ThePassionFood, wants to be a meeting point for all those who like us, enjoy good food, good wine and conviviality which comes from them. With our selection of food and drink, we want to recreate the experience that we live during the search of products, from visits to small traditional workshops, including the largest multicultural fairs, so as to revive it to others through our project; a kind of food and wine tour to Italy, which starts with authentic tastes and flavors and and ends with the story of the history of those who, through their work, bringing all those things on our tables.